Benefits of Solar

Benefits of Home Solar Panels

Home solar panels come with a host of benefits. They can help save you money on energy and help your state meet its renewable energy goals. Residential solar panels can also add value to your home and may help it sell faster. Lastly, having solar panels on your roof may even keep your home a little bit cooler in the summer! For homeowners in California, there are now incentives that may make home batteries an attractive option, as well.

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Why Go Solar?

More and more people want to be independent of power companies — and their rising prices. At the same time, we’re committing to a greener footprint and making a difference for the future.

A REAL difference. Think of it this way — the former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, shared a relatable story about the future of energy:

"There are two doors. Behind door number one is a completely sealed room, with a regular, gasoline-fueled car. Behind door number two is an identical, completely sealed room, with an electric car. Both engines are running full blast. I want you to pick a door to open, and enter the room and shut the door behind you. You have to stay in the room you choose for one hour. You cannot turn off the engine. You do not get a gas mask.

I'm guessing you chose door number two, with the electric car, right? Door number one is a fatal choice — who would ever want to breathe those fumes?

This is the choice the world is making right now."

At Expert Solar Advisors, we’ve made the choice, and we hope you will too. Consider that second door, because our world really is one big garage… and it’s just a matter of time!


Isn’t this what it’s really about? With solar, you get to choose your energy source, and lock in your price. You don’t have to be at the mercy of rising utility prices or usage restrictions if you don’t want to be.


You will save thousands of dollars by switching to solar energy. Solar reduces your monthly energy bills, while increasing the value of your home.

Quality of Life:

California’s recent wildfires — air thick with smoke and pollution, isn’t far off from the reality of our next generation. You are a part of the bigger, long-term picture if you switch to solar to help with the air we all breathe.

A Better Future:

Global emissions are showing few signs of slowing — and the United States remains the world’s second largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Why can’t change start now? Cleaner energy is our only option.


Our priority is making the solar switch as easy and uncomplicated as possible to fit your crazy, busy life. Because the truth is — solar is simple!


The sun beams more power in an hour than we produce in electricity in the USA in a year! We are finally beginning to learn how to efficiently harness the energy that is being naturally provided for us.

Home solar panels can help save you money!

Residential solar panels for your home can help save you a lot, if you manage your power usage wisely after going solar. To get the most savings out of your solar system, you should:

  • Know how much energy your solar panel system produces
  • Plan for future energy usage
  • Understand how your local utility company bills you for energy usage

Know how much energy your system produces

Your solar system was designed to produce a certain amount of power by the company that built it. The actual amount of power it produces in any given month depends on what time of year it is. The system generates more power in the summer and less in the winter.

You will need to monitor the amount of power your solar panel system is producing and budget your power usage carefully to stay within the amount of power your system is generating.

Plan for future energy usage

When you go solar, the largest size solar system that you are allowed to install is often determined by your utility company. For example, San Diego Gas and Electric currently allows you to install up to 115% of your electrical usage. Depending on how your utility company handles solar compensation, you may earn bill credits for any energy that your system produces which you don’t consume.

Home solar panels can help you sell your home!

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), purchasing a solar power system can increase your home’s resale value by an average of 17%. The NREL also states that the value solar adds to a home depends on location. Communities, where there are a lot of eco-friendly homeowners, will tend to produce the highest increase in home value.

The good news is that you can find out what it would cost to go solar for free. Simply call us and ask for an Expert Solar Advisor to either come to your home and give you a quote OR do a virtual consultation over Zoom.

A residential solar panel system can also help your home sell faster. The NREL found that homes with solar sold an average of 20% faster. Just like the amount of value solar panels can add to your home, the amount of help that solar provides when selling your home depends on how eco-friendly the neighborhood homeowners are.

It’s important to note that for solar to help your home sell faster or to increase its value, you should purchase your solar system. Solar leases and Power Production Agreements (PPAs) may not help you sell your home or add any value to it. In some instances, leases and PPAs may even make it harder to sell your home. Prospective homeowners can be reluctant to take on your PPA or lease. If that happens, you may have to buy out the PPA or lease to sell your home.

Home solar locks in the rate you pay for power!

Utility companies are usually constantly raising their rates. Because of that, electricity gets more expensive every year. When you go solar, you lock in the rate you pay for power from your system for decades. Should your utility decide to charge you outrageous rates for the energy you buy from it at night, you can install home batteries to provide power during those peak rate times.

Benefits of home solar vs. the high cost of doing nothing

A home solar panel system can help save you a lot of money on electricity, especially if you’re careful about the amount of power you consume. Residential solar panel systems can also add value to your home and help it sell faster.

But what happens if you don’t go solar?

You likely will continue to pay more for electricity as your utility raises its rates. Over the course of 20 years, you’re likely to pay tens of thousands of dollars more for energy than if you had gone solar.

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