We Make Solar Simple

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We make solar simple… Easy as Pie? Nope... It's Easy as Cake!

At Expert Solar Advisors, we are dedicated to making solar energy affordable and accessible to everyone — with ZERO upfront costs. Your home can become its own tiny power station and generate plenty of reliable energy, all while reducing your electricity bill. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your greener lifestyle will help your state achieve its renewable energy goals.

How do solar panels work? It's mapped out below:

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Because solar makes sense:

Solar power isn’t what it used to be — systems are sleek, installation is fast, and you get more than enough 24/7 power for you and your family, guaranteed. By switching to solar, you own your energy source, instead of renting it from your utility company.

Straight forward financing, government incentives, and Expert Solar Advisors’ seamless process have prompted over 2,500 homeowners to make the solar switch.


Saves YOUR Money:

Save. Then save some more. Think of what you pay now for electricity, and cut that in half! Customers knock 20–50% off their energy bills when they make the solar switch. Long-term, those are serious savings. And here’s some Expert Solar Advisors’ food for thought — did you know that utility prices have increased 20% in the past 10 years, while the cost of residential solar has decreased 50%?

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Paying You Back:

For every dollar you invest in a solar panel system, your home’s value increases on average by $1.85. No other home improvement promises that high of a return. Solar panels typically pay for themselves in six to nine years and increase the resale value of a house on average by about $15,000. Don’t forget — this is money you’re going to spend anyway!

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Tax Credit:

The government wants homeowners to go solar. In fact, they are offering a 26% Federal Tax Incentive Credit for you to switch. Depending on where you live, other incentives and rebates can be available too.

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Seeing The Big Picture:

By switching over to solar power and utilizing clean energy, we can majorly reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Going a little greener saves the United States in healthcare and environmental cleanup costs — and we can feel a little better about our future and the choices we make.

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Peace of Mind:

At Expert Solar Advisors, we don’t install and disappear — we’re committed to a long-term relationship. That’s why we offer a 25-year system warranty and production guarantee. Not only do we warrant the system from failure or defect, but we also cover every other aspect. If your system doesn’t produce what it’s supposed to, we will even reimburse you for any energy production lost. We also warranty your roof for 10 years.

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Referral Program:

We know you like to save, but would you like to earn even more? Just share the benefits of solar with other homeowners, neighbors, and friends to participate in our referral program.

Share the solar movement and get $500 to $1,500 per homeowner that you personally refer to us and who goes solar!

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Smart Financing:

At Expert Solar Advisors, we explore every single feasible option for our homeowners. If there’s a way to help you go solar, we will do it! Our cost for installation is little to $0 down, and you get solar panels on your roof with a new reduced electric rate. We have relationships with every major solar finance and lease program available to get you the best possible pricing. Interest rates are as low as 0%, and flexible loan terms range from 5–30 years.

There is a financing solution for everyone!

It used to be that the United States was one of the best places to go solar, that is, if you were rich enough. Expert Solar Advisors makes sure that’s no longer the case! We make the solar switch affordable, and when the sun hits your roof, you save.

In fact, what sets Expert Solar Advisors apart from other solar providers is our financing process. We ensure you get the best possible energy for the best possible price. Expert Solar Advisors designs a solution specifically for your home, customized to you and your family’s needs. And the best part? You get a return on your investment — with no upfront, extra or increasing costs.

  • Our cost for installation is as little as $0 down, and you get solar panels on your roof with a new reduced electric rate

  • We have relationships with every major solar finance and lease program available to give you the best possible pricing

  • Interest rates are as low as 0%

  • Flexible loan terms range from 5–30 years

  • NO HIDDEN FEES and NO prepayment penalties

What if there is a problem?

Our solar panel system installer monitors your system for 25 years. If they detect that its performance is falling short, you will be contacted (most likely before you even know there is a problem) and someone will be sent out to fix it. Also, if the shortfall is caused by something that was our fault, you will be compensated for the shortfall. The amount of compensation you receive will be listed in your contract.

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